Dr Kristian Kley & Prof Philipp Lobenhoffer, Gelenkchirurgie Orthopadie Hannover

Paul Gibb & Nick Bowman travelled with Mr Matt Dawson to Hannover in Germany to visit Dr Kristian Kley & Prof Philipp Lobenhoffer at the Gelenkchirurgie clinic (go:h).  The clinic has an international reputation for knee surgery with Dr Kley & Prof Lobenhoffer specialising in joint preserving knee osteotomy and both partial and total knee replacement. Both surgeons teach and lecture worldwide and Prof Lobenhoffer is the author of the leading osteotomy textbook, head of the AO Foundation Joint Preservation Group and a member of the ESSKA ACL study group .  The quality and quantity of the surgery performed during the visit was outstanding and both surgeons were extremely generous with their time.   The exceptional hospitality extended by Dr Kley to the travelling group was very gratefully received.