Rehabilitation following knee osteotomy

Modern techniques of osteotomy facilitate early weight bearing and early mobilisation and following surgery you will be encouraged to bend and use the knee whilst walking with crutches. Most patients are discharged either on the evening of surgery or the day following and are asked to continue using their crutches until they are told by their surgeon that it is safe to walk without them.

Following discharge your physiotherapist will supervise your rehabilitation under the direction of your surgeon. Most patients use crutches outdoors for between six and twelve weeks depending upon the type of osteotomy performed, but many are able to full weight bear without aids indoors within a few weeks of the operation. X-rays will be taken to monitor the healing of the osteotomy and as soon as the osteotomy is united you will be encouraged to resume full normal activities, including sporting activities if you are able.

Rehabilitation following knee osteotomy Rehabilitation following knee osteotomy