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Sports & Ski injuries

Knee injuries are extremely common in sportsmen and women.

Overuse injuries of the type normally associated with anterior or patellofemoral knee pain can be exacerbated by very vigorous training, in particular by classes involving repetitive lunging or jumping, and also by the use of gymnasium equipment.

Knee ligament injuries and in particular Anterior Cruciate ligament ruptures are occurring with increasing frequency in patients of all ages and may be associated with injuries of the knee cartilage. Hyperextension and twisting of the knee on landing are common mechanisms of injury in sports involving jumping, and painful collapse associated with twisting and turning can occur in sports involving rapid direction changes on high grip surfaces, or when using studded boots or skis.

The hallmarks of significant knee injury are pain associated with the rapid development of swelling and stiffness.  Any patient sustaining a knee injury of this type should be assessed by an experienced physiotherapist or by an orthopaedic surgeon and is very likely to require medical imaging.

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Sports & Ski injuries Sports & Ski injuries