We at the Knee Clinic understand that the process of obtaining private health treatment can be confusing, and that knowing how the process works beforehand can alleviate many concerns. The following steps can be used as a guide to take you through the process:

The patient attends their GP to discuss their knee problem. The GP assesses the problem and recommends a Consultant Knee Surgeon, he or she then writes a referral to the specialist on behalf of the patient. The patient then contacts their private health insurance company to check that their treatment will be covered by their policy.

Their insurer will give the patient a pre-authorisation number that will be required by the hospital and The Knee Clinic.  Sometimes the insurance company will not pay the full cost of the treatment, in which case the patient will be required to pay the shortfall.  If the patient is not insured the hospital can offer fixed cost packages or they can pay The Knee Clinic directly.

The Knee Clinic receives the referral and a consultation is arranged.  Sometimes our surgeons require x-rays to be taken before this initial consultation, if so the patient will need to come to the hospital half an hour before the consultation time.  If the patient has had any x-rays or scans taken at another hospital prior to the consultation we request that they bring them with them.

During the consultation the surgeon will take a history and examine the knee before discussing with the patient how best to proceed.  Sometimes further x-rays or a MRI scan will be required.  The patient may be advised that surgery would be the best option, and if so an explanation of the most common procedures can be found here: Procedures

It is important that the patient contacts their insurance company again to confirm cover for their procedure. A date is made for surgery and The Knee Clinic sends the patient a confirmation letter explaining when they need to come into hospital and from when they need to fast .  The pre-admissions team at the hospital will then ring the patient to arrange an appointment, usually 3-5 days before the procedure, for bloods and a swab to be taken.  They will also go through any health issues that the patient may have and advise accordingly. Before their admission the patient should have either downloaded from our website or been sent the appropriate procedure specific consent form which they should bring with them when they are admitted.

On the day of surgery the surgeon will consent the patient and mark their limb. You will of course be given an opportunity to ask further questions should you so wish.  Each patient will require individual aftercare and that aftercare will be fully explained to the patient.  Further information about aftercare is available here on our website. The patient will then attend a follow up consultation with the surgeon at the required time after surgery.

Private Health Insurance Companies covered:

  • April UK
  • Aviva
  • Beneden
  • BUPA
  • Cigna
  • CS Healthcare
  • Exeter
  • Freedom
  • General & Medical
  • Healix
  • Health-on-Line
  • Healthcare RM
  • Permanent Health Company
  • Police Mutual
  • Saga
  • Simplyhealth
  • Vitality
  • WPA

If your insurance company is not on this list please contact the office to confirm that you are covered.