Coronavirus advice for patients attending The Knee Clinic

The Knee Clinic is committed to protecting the health of our patients, staff and visitors.

Please review the latest public health advice published at

We continue to run regular clinics and to process new referrals, offering a mixture of face to face, online video and telephone consultations during which we can arrange imaging, offer advice on treatment and formulate plans for surgery.  Planned elective surgery is still being performed with regular operating lists running and lists open for booking.

If you wish to arrange a consultation, to book an operation, or to discuss any aspect of your treatment please ring our office on 01892 546111 or email us at

All of our hospitals have strict procedures in place ensuring the safety and welfare of patients and staff.   Before attending one our outpatient clinics you will be asked to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment.   You should not attend if you or any member of your family has symptoms suggesting the presence of COVID, if you are awaiting testing or are in isolation following contact with an infected individual, or if you are in quarantine following international travel.    Before being admitted for surgery our patients are being asked to self isolate for either 72 hrs or 2 weeks depending upon their age, the presence of co-morbidities and the magnitude of their planned operation.    A COVID-19 test is also arranged prior to admission.